Rochelle Gordon has illegally taken money from my bank account

Perth, Western Australia 3 comments

I decided to take this lady up on her offer of weekly forecasts for a monthly fee of $24.95. These forecasts are generic (as my girlfriend subscribes and they are exactly the same).

It appears that they gain these funds by deception. I have cancelled my subscription, but they continue to debit my credit card. Do not ever give them your details, you will be very sorry.

They provide very cheap trinkets that are explained to be good luck charms for exorbitant prices and if you do your homework on the internet they have been charged with fraud in the USA and UK.

Review about: Forecast.



This scam is ongoing and needs to be reported to the authorities. It's more than just selling trinkets. They are making false claims that violate FTC rules. My husband is a former lawyer at the FTC and we are referring this matter to his colleagues at the FTC. But, we need everyone to complain on this site or ripoffreport so we can determine the participants in the class for the class action. My husband estimates the affected people could be 2-4 million.

Please help us stop these frauds.

Pierre Pasteur, Rochelle Gordon, Bethea Jenner, Jean Mars, Manidoo, myhealthwealthandhappiness, pense malin, Transmonde, joypeaceandhappiness. All related and working together.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #44664

I met these ladies at a fine art show on the Milford Green back in 2001. I got their "number" from the jump.

Did not buy their "balonie" they worked together. Rochelle with her predictions for me...and Bethea who showed up as Rochelle sauntered off with her back up of how accurate Rochelle is. (I am a 1 of a kind spiritual doll sculptor who has her own inner psychic abilities)...I knew instictively, the these women were not to be trusted. Good thing...shortly later, somehow I began to get emails from those ladies...and instantly recognized them from seeing them in person.

These ladies, are not to be trusted - no way - not ever. simple.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #11375

here are #s for u to contact.. u can ask for michelle



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